Transport used for garbage collection

Removal and processing of household waste

Transport used for garbage collection is vital for efficient waste management and maintaining cleanliness in urban and rural areas. The primary vehicles for this task are garbage trucks, equipped with mechanisms for loading, compacting, and transporting waste.
Garbage trucks come in various types. Rear loaders, the most common in residential areas, are equipped with lifting mechanisms for bins and compactors to compress the waste. Front loaders, often used in commercial zones, are designed for collecting large containers and can handle bulkier waste. Side loaders, which can be automated, are used in areas with narrow streets or where manual collection is not feasible.
In addition to conventional garbage trucks, many cities are adopting compact electric vehicles for waste collection in pedestrian zones and narrow streets. These eco-friendly vehicles help reduce emissions and noise pollution, contributing to a cleaner environment.
Specialized vehicles are also used for collecting hazardous waste, such as chemicals and medical waste. These vehicles are equipped with sealed containers and filtration systems to prevent the leakage of harmful substances.
Efficient use of various types of transport for garbage collection helps maintain public health and improve the overall environmental conditions in cities.

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